Creating New Opportunities for Collaborative Regulatory Scientific Research

Current Projects

Visiting Scientists

A critical component of center success is establishing, promoting, and facilitating two-way connections between UM and FDA staff. The M-CERSI will invite visiting scientists from the FDA and from industry to engage with the new Center and to engage in scientific exchange. Also, M-CERSI will provide continuing education (CE) training for FDA personnel.

Creating New Opportunities for Collaborative Regulatory Scientific Research

  • Center-Wide Regulatory Science Activities: The M-CERSI will execute in parallel three regulatory science projects reflecting the collective strengths of UM campuses in College Park and in Baltimore. The Scientific Exchange, Research and Training Activities for each project are managed by project leaders.
  • M-CERSI sponsors a small regulatory science research component that is unattached to its projects. Several small Innovation Awards will help build its program in the future.
  • Specific Regulatory Science Activities: M-CERSI focuses on three project areas, each corresponding to an FDA-specified focus. Each major project area includes training and exchange, as well as a research component. Each major project will support at least two graduate students / fellows, who will benefit from FDA advice and guidance.  The Executive Committee, comprised of UM and FDA leadership, will solicit proposals from UM faculty and develop a specific plan for each project area. In this way, priorities can be identified and appropriate investments can be made. Additionally, this will provide a mechanism for project renewal and/or new project development as the Center grows and matures.