CERSI P.I.s and Collaborators: Daniel Mullins, Ph.D., Susan dosReis, Ph.D., Ester Villalonga Olives, Ph.D., Moaz Abdelwadoud, MD, DrPH, MPH, Michelle Medeiros, MS, MA, CCRP, Rodney Elliott
FDA SMEs and Collaborators: Marc Kusinitz, MS, Ph.D., Jing (Julia) Ju, PharmD, Ph.D., Michelle Campbell, Ph.D., Heather Ovelmen, MA, Kathleen Yu, MPH, Taiye Oladipo, MPH, Ayma Rouhani, MPH, Felisha Wu, MPH, Linda Verrill, Ph.D., CDRH
Project Overview
It is important that FDA effective reach out to older women, including considering the financial costs of effectively reaching women. The investigators will conduct twelve (12) exploratory focus groups among US women aged 50 years and older (8-10 women per group). The plan is to this study older women by age, in order to see how types of communication are preferred by older women of various ages. These focus groups will take place in the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia area at times that best accommodate participants’ availability. The investigators will strive for socioeconomic and demographic diversity among participants in these focus groups.
Focus groups will respond to the research questions regarding perceptions, motivations, attitudes, and behavior concerning use of FDA-regulated materials. Some questions will also address the role some of these older women play as caregivers to help the investigators better understand whether the health information needs vary between older women who seek health information for self-care, compared with those who seek health information to care for others.