Friday, June 5, 2015
8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Univerisy of Maryland Baltimore, School of Pharmacy 20 North Pine Street, Pharmacy Hall Room N211 Baltimore MD, 21201
Ann Anonsen
301 405 0285

The Mass Spectrometry Imagery Analysis System for Medical Applications (MIASMA) concept of a cloud based system, which collects mass spectral imagery data and uses this to assign peaks in existing and future spectra, is a significant undertaking. In order to be successful, it will need to involve a large proportion of the stakeholder communities. It will cross national boundaries (in an era of constrained research budgets, it would be inefficient for individual countries or regions to fund parallel but unconnected programs in this area) and require the development of specialist software and processes.

We have arranged MIASMA Day as a means of providing an opportunity to bring together the research community to begin discussions on the potential technical scope of the project (and initial strategy) and to investigate how such a multinational collaboration could be funded and managed.

MIASMA Day is designed to bring together both the scientific and the funding/research management communities while offering them the opportunity to discuss their own areas independently. Therefore, the middle part of the day is split into parallel sessions (one for the scientific/technical community and the other for the funding/research management community) for focused discussion. Both groups then recombine to report on their individual discussion to the entire meeting.


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